Terms& Conditions:

  1. This offer,is available at select outlets & select cities of select States in India.


  1. This Offer / Voucher Code / Mcoupon is valid from 25th April 2015 till 15th October, 2015, both days inclusive (hereinafter referred to as “offer period”).


  1. Under this Offer, upon purchase of Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief Pack worth Rs.105/- or Colgate Sensitive Original Pack worth Rs.100/- (“CS/ CSPR Pack”) in a single invoice from select stores, the consumer will find the promo on / inside the CS/ CSPR Pack.


  1. Upon looking inside the pack, the consumer will get a unique voucher code (such as CC26201s5fs) which will entitle the consumer to get one OR two cup of Coffee/ One OR two scoop of Ice cream up to Rs.180/-


  1. The redemption of this voucher code can be done by SMS or through the program site www.colgatesensitive.promoredemption.com as under:


  1. Enter the following details on the portal home page:
    • Registration details (Name, email id, city, mobile number)
    • Voucher code
    • Preferred food (ice cream / coffee)


  1. You will receive a communication on your prize (1 cup / 2 cups coffee OR 1 scoop / 2 scoops ice cream )  on mail and text message.


  1. Click on ‘Place your order’ tab. Submit voucher code  and choose brand (in case of ice cream). Immediately receive the Mcoupon on email & text message.


  1. Visit CCD / BaskinRobbin / gelato outlet (as applicable/chosen) and provide the Mcoupon to avail the offer.



  1. Choose your favourite food - Send an SMS to 09246591931 with Col< Space >2< Space >VoucherCode< Space >A or B Type A for Ice cream or Type B for Coffee


  1. Choose your preferred partner chain (only for Ice cream)- Send an SMS to 09246591931 with Col< Space >3< Space >VoucherCode< Space >A or B Type A for gelato or Type B for Baskin Robbins


  1. Enjoy your favourite food – Get your Mcoupon by SMS and redeem at the partner chain chosen by you.




  1. The consumer needs to show the MCoupon at the respective partnered outlet to redeem the same.


  1. The Mcoupon is not exchangeable for “cash” or for sale.


  1. The Mcoupon code can be only be redeemed at select partnered outlets


  1. For Coffee, this MCoupon can only be redeemed for Latte/Cappuccino at all CCD Outlets except Airport Cafes, Big Bazaar, Bangalore Club & Spencer’s Cafes Bangalore & Reliance Cochin.


  1. For Ice Cream, this M coupon is only valid for select ice cream flavor’s at select BaskinRobbins / Gelato outlet. ( Flavors for Baskin Robbins – Favourite & Timeless , Flavors for Gelato – Popular & Premium )


  1. This Mcoupon has no monetary value, is non-transferable, cannot be clubbed and cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.


  1. Colgate / RewardPort is not responsible for the loss or theft of this Voucher code / MCoupon


  1. The Mcoupon does not include any other food and beverages.


  1. Holding of this Offer is subject to normal force majeure conditions.


  1. Colgate & RewardPort shall not be responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone or network or lines, servers or providers, computer equipment, software, technical problems or traffic congestion on a mobile network, or any combination thereof.


  1. Colgate &RewardPort, its clients, agents and distributors accept no responsibility, financial or otherwise for the misuse of unique code numbers / Voucher Code / Mcoupon.


  1. RewardPort is acting as an executing agency for this promotional offer and holds no legal and financial liability on unclaimed offers, incentives, vouchers etc beyond the applicable period of the promotional offer.


  1. Colgate does not endorse the quality of any of the products or services being offered against the voucher code / Mcoupon under the Offer.


  1. Any complaints or queries pertaining to the Offer would have to be taken up directly with RewardPort by writing to colgatesensitive@rewardport.in or by calling on 022 402 70034 / 022 40270037


  1. Stocks without this offer are also available.


  1. All disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts or forums in Mumbai only.

  2. Flavors for Baskin Robbins – Favourite & Timeless


    Almond Proline GOLD

    Honey Nut Crunch

    Banana Caramel


    Banana & strawberries

    Mississippi Mud

    Black current

    Papaya Pineapple

    Butterscotch Ribbon

    Roses n Cream


    Rum Punch


    Splish splash

    Fruit Overload

    Very Berry Strawberry

    Gold Medal Ribbon




    Three Cheers Chocolate

    Cotton Candy


    Orange Tango


  3. Flavors for Gelato – Popular & Premium



    Black Currant

    Swiss Chocolate

    Vanilla Chocochips

    Butter Scotch



    Bubble Gum

    Cookies Crumble

    Choco Crunch

    Choco Chip Royale


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